Since its founding in 1998, Silver Egg Technology has developed and deployed its proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) technology to provide “personalization” in digital marketing.
Due to the ever-improving performance of this technology, it is highly regarded by more than 600 clients.

  • Selection of AI technology
    according to purpose

    We are always focussed on what value we can create, and we are developing services that optimally combine different machine learning technologies specialized in digital marketing.

  • Built from the ground up

    Our development team understands machine learning algorithms and creates high-precision AI services. We are constantly improving accuracy through AB testing and tuning.

  • Proven ability to deliver results on time

    Without sacrificing performance, we provide a well-balanced service to respond immediately to customers’ needs of “I want information now.”

Our services

  • Aigent Recommender

    Realizes the best recommendations both on websites and in physical locations such as call centers and in-store POS, on all devices such as PC, mobile, and tablet.

  • Recogazo

    Automatically extracts recommended items and delivers products and ranking information as emails in real-time.

  • HotView

    Realizes highly effective advertising by tailoring the contents of banner ads to each user based on their preferences.

  • Prospector

    Extracts users who seem likely to buy a product (potential customers) with high precision. Lists these potential customers and activates outbound marketing.

This system has been introduced to various companies.

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