Aigent Recommender

Real-time recommendation service

By combining multiple machine learning technologies, we have realized high-precision recommendations that reflect customer behavior in real-time. This service can be used in various scenarios such as websites, mobile apps, and digital assistants in physical stores.


Real-time recommendation display

By analyzing and learning from data in real-time, “Recommended information now” that always meets the latest customer needs is displayed.

Full support

To maximize effectiveness, our consultants, who have a wealth of experience, will propose and implement continuous PDCA improvements.

Performance-based pricing

We offer performance-based pricing for sales via the recommendations. This reduces the risk of deployment and the cost-effectiveness is clear.


Path Dependency
Real-time personalized recommendation display

By looking at past browsing paths, you can achieve product recommendations that match the preferences of individual users, just like customer service at a bricks-and-mortar store. For example, even if two users are looking at the same product "striped dress," the preferences of the user who searched for "dress" in the process leading up to reaching the page, and the user who searched for "striped item" are different. Our user path analysis allows you to make recommendations tailored to user preferences.


Continuous customer support that always maximizes performance

Our consultants and support team, with their extensive knowledge and expertise, continue to provide support with proposals designed to improve results in line with your specific business environment.

Basic support

  • Introduction support
  • Recommendation settings and opening test
  • AB test for algorithm turning
  • Support for campaigns and promotions
  • Graphical interface for monitoring recommendation effectiveness

* Please contact us for other support information. Our consultants will offer the best proposals for you.

Monthly reports for tuning

Usage scenario

Usage scenario of various recommendations in accordance with the user's movements

We provide the best recommendations in real-time across multiple channels, not only on the website


In addition to request-based pricing, we also offer performance-based pricing

The performance-based pricing system based on the strict definition of sales via recommendations is less risky in introduction and the cost-effectiveness is clear in operation.

Charging system

Performance-based pricing
  • We share risks and rewards with you.
  • Silver Egg Technology is responsible for the cost of optimizing the initial service.
  • It is an incentive to improve website sales and results.
Request-based pricing A monthly fee is charged depending on the number of requests to our API.

Option menu

Ranking display Displays the ranking based on the number of sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also view the dynamic ranking of the products that are selling "now" on the website.
Browsing history display Displays the item information viewed by the user from the most recently viewed item.
Category browsing correlation Recommendations are made based on the correlation between the category and browsing.
Keyword browsing correlation Recommendations are made based on the correlation between search and other keywords and browsing.
Topic Recommender Machine learning is used to make recommendations based on the similarity of the item text.
Dynamic LP This service is for using the Aigent Recommender only on the landing page for advertising.
Suggest linkage Recommendations are displayed when using free word search in the website. In addition to the suggestions displayed by search engines, we have realized improved search performance by displaying recommendations based on search results.
Customer service tool linkage By linking with the customer service tool, recommendations are displayed as pop-ups. By adding recommendations to campaigns and coupons displayed from the customer service tool, you can improve the appeal to customers. This service is for companies that use Aigent Recommender.
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