Potential customer visualization tool

Who would want to buy this product?
Wouldn't a promotion that doesn't choose the customer be counterproductive?
Silver Egg’s AI marketing tool, “Prospector,” solves the confusion and anxiety of marketers with these types of questions. This tool identifies customers who are suited to buy a particular product, providing highly reliable marketing strategies.


Visualize potential customers for each product through AI analysis

By capturing behavioral data such as purchase history, AI analyzes users who are likely to prefer a particular product. It extracts a prospect (potential customer) ranking that is scored by degree of matching with each product.

Realize high-precision outbound marketing

Prospect ranking can be used with outbound measures such as email and social media. It realizes high-precision targeting that reflects individual degree of matching that was not possible through segmentation of attribute data such as age and gender.

Prevent customers from "leaving ads" and maximize lifetime value

Reduce the promotion delivery cost of email and social media by pushing individual products only to users who are likely to prefer them. Improve user lifetime value by breaking away from mass delivery ads that are often considered to be spam and delivering promotions tailored to each customer’s preferences.


Prospect (potential customer) scoring based on behavioral information analysis

AI performs behavioral analysis to obtain a score for each user that describes their potential match with a particular product. A ranking of users is produced from these scores, which can be viewed as a graph to visually determine the number of potential customers. This ranking can also be downloaded for use in other applications.

Instant approach to potential customers with email/LINE delivery tool and report dashboard

Our report dashboard allows email templates in HTML format, and also includes tools to count the number of emails opened and links clicked as standard. The generated prospect ranking can be used to instantly promote your products through email, and the results can be seen in real-time.

Simple design that can be used immediately after introduction

Prospector is provided in SaaS format. Simply upload behavior information such as purchase history to start analyzing it right away. You do not need to build a system or connect with other services. Users who use Silver Egg's other services (such as Aigent Recommender) can also automatically obtain behavior information.

Usage scenarios

Outbound promotion of new products

When promoting a product that matches a particular customer but mass sales cannot be expected, the challenge is the cost of sending bulk emails and social media messages. It may also cause users whose preferences do not match the product to be turned off. In contrast, Prospector analyzes the behavior of the initial purchasers for each product and promotes only to users, who have not yet made a purchase, with similar tastes. This reduces sending costs and develops potential customers effectively.

Promoting sales of goods where sales have slowed

Prospector is especially effective when pushing products that have been sitting in inventory for a while since the product release, or content that has fallen in popularity. You can analyze past user behavior and strategically push products, even to users who don’t visit your site frequently. This also leads to user reactivation.

Visualize potential fans and make promotional events successful

Prospector lists can also help you hold user-specific events such as product launches. By collecting only users who are well-matched to a particular product, you can get good feedback and have a big viral impact.

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